Success Stories




Founded in 2012, Droit builds mission-critical, breakthrough products to advance global regulatory compliance and real-time controls for many of the largest financial institutions. We've had the privilege of partnering with Droit since 2018, helping them grow their engineering and highly technical product teams across New York and London.

With a passion for functional programming, type theory, and an interest in formal verification, the uniqueness of their needs has been particularly rewarding for us, pushing us to learn technical paradigms and ecosystems we had limited exposure to historically. However, the real pleasure has been the partnership we've formed with members of their leadership team. From gaining regular insight into their strategic direction to being a trusted partner, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be part of their journey.

"The Difference Engine has developed a strong understanding of our organization and culture, enabling them to source great talent for us over the last few years. We appreciate their commitment and partnership." Ellen Ibrahim, Head of People and Development.