About Us

Here at theDIFFERENCE ENGINE, we offer a range of staffing and knowledge services across the IT industry, bringing with us a unique perspective, strong market intelligence, a natural sensitivity to diversity and years of proven experience in both the technology and recruiting fields.

We are an award-winning independent firm specialising in Technology Recruitment. With global reach, we help people take the next step in their career by introducing them to great companies.

Our leadership have decades of experience cutting code, growing and leading global engineering teams and providing board level advisory services. They've done this in start-ups, scale-ups, and large international companies like Procter & Gamble and Goldman Sachs. As such, we're all too familiar with the frustrations of trying to find the right people to join your team. Our objective is to eliminate the pain around hiring - inappropriate CVs, high volumes, wrong technical fit, misaligned values, to land at a better match first time around.

We are certified by:

  • WEConnect (Women-Owned businesses)
  • MSDUK (Minority Supplier Diversity UK)
  • WPO (Women Presidents Organisation)

We are also a certified member of APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies).