Success Stories


Using AI to automate software testing


Our relationship with Diffblue started in early 2019 when they were looking for their new VP of Engineering. Helping the team find Andy, their new VP of Engineering was our first opportunity to help, but since then we've had the pleasure of working with the leadership team at Diffblue to help across multiple areas of their business, not just engineering. There are so many things we like about working with DiffBlue, whether that be continuing to grow our own technical knowledge in a super-niche area that only a few companies in the world are working on or how we feel we've become a trusted partner whose opinions are sought and respected.

However, what we love most is the people and culture. Regardless of who we talk to at Diffblue, the same set of values come through, that of openness, honesty, thoughtfulness and respect. We look forward to continuing to have the privilege of being part of their journey.

"Michelle and Gary have taken a very keen interest in our organization and have placed great candidates for difficult-to-fill roles. We value their opinion, market knowledge and advice and their depth of understanding of technical roles is another reason they stand out. The Difference Engine reflects our culture and values, works well with us and strives to provide a great candidate experience." Mathew Lodge - CEO DiffBlue