Success Stories


Insurance Technology


Entegral is a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings, created in 2017 to provide an integrated software platform assisting insurance providers, bodyshops and other industry professionals to streamline the post-accident process and help get customers back into their vehicles. We have had the pleasure of working with them since their creation and subsequent rebrand to Entegral. It has been a constant joy to be introduced to and work alongside employees across the IT arms of the firm to help build out the IT teams.

Entegral describe themselves as operating with "the spirit of a start-up, the resources of Enterprise" - a team that encourage autonomy and ownership of products in a fast-paced environment, with less of an emphasis on hierarchy and a focus on collaboration and creation. They have a broad tech stack and a commitment to investment in tech, alongside all the corporate benefits of working under the large Enterprise umbrella.

Working with the team at Entegral has led to a number of incredibly fruitful, successful placements, which we can only attribute to the continued partnership and dedication to mutual support and respect which we have forged over the years.