We are an award-winning recruitment agency based in London and with international reach. Founded in 2006, theDIFFERENCEENGINE started its life as Canary Wharf & City Recruitment, an IT Recruitment company focused on delivering intelligent appointments into a wide range of clients, from global corporations to start-ups. With over 10 years in the recruitment industry and a senior leadership team with over 30 years of experience working as technologists themselves, we can offer a unique perspective on IT recruiting.   This allows us to truly understand the needs of both candidates and clients alike.

In 2018, Canary Wharf & City rebranded to theDIFFERENCEENGINE, to reflect the growth and expansion of the company both geographically and as a business, as we launched our advisory and consulting services. 

While our company structure, legal entity and team remain the same as they always were, our new name reflects our growing ability and motivation to provide support and expertise across a wider spectrum of business’ need.

Our Values
  1. We take a long-term view on our relationships with clients - take care of our clients and they will reciprocate
  2. We're committed to providing a friendly, supportive, diverse and inclusive working environment where everyone is free to bring their whole self to work
  3. We work with honesty and integrity always
  4. We’re serious about doing what we do well and with a focus on perfection and polish
  5. We invest in making our people the best they can be through continual learning and development, whilst promoting a culture of creativity and innovation in everything that we do 

What is a Difference Engine?

A difference engine, designed by famous computer pioneer Charles Babbage in the 19th century, is a calculator designed on the mathematic principle of the method of finite differences. Difference Engine No. 1, started by Babbage in 1821, is the first complete design for an automatic calculating engine – or a calculator.

In his lifetime, Babbage completed one-seventh of this design and that piece to this day works impeccably as an automatic calculating device. These mechanical computing designs Babbage created have been widely marked as one of the most innovative and astonishing intellectual achievements of the 19th century.

One of the most famous mathematicians to have worked on this engine was August Ada King, more commonly known as Ada Lovelace. Ada is noted as the first person to recognise that Babbage’s engine could have uses beyond pure calculation. A friend of Babbage’s, Lovelace made extensive notes on the engine wherein she was able to explain it far more clearly than Babbage had ever been able to. In these notes, she also described an algorithm the engine would be capable of carrying out.

She is credited today as the world’s first computer programmer.

Today we coin the phrase theDIFFERENCEENGINE, not only in homage to one of the world’s first computers, but also as a play on these words based on our clients’ experiences.  We are seen as engines for change and with an atypical approach to recruitment that is reassuringly different than our competition.   

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