about 2 years ago by Michelle Palmer

Is your firm "bleeding out" people? The talent retention challenge.


I’m just back from a really productive trip to New York with theDIFFERENCEENGINE.  We were invited to speak at a panel event, organised by a global investment fund we work with.  They wanted us to talk to their portfolio companies about the attraction, retention and reward of top tech talent in their businesses.  In advance of the session, we decided to look at primary data we hold here to gather insight on why good talent quits firms. 

The audience, mainly CEO's of hyper scaling tech businesses, were particularly interested in retention data. Attached a short infographic summarising key themes of the session.  Do reach out to me directly michelle@thedifferenceengine.tech if you would like to chat through the data further.  There are some handy tips there around talent attraction too.  

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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